Hotel Mattresses

Hotel Contract Mattresses

At Trade Beds Direct, we offer a range of high-quality hotel contract mattresses designed to provide a comfortable and restful night's sleep for your guests. Made in the UK using the finest materials and spring units, our mattresses are expertly crafted to meet the specific needs of the hotel and hospitality industry. Whether you run a humble B&B or a luxury hotel, your guests are looking for comfort and to wake up feeling refreshed. Offer them all of that and more with a selection from our range of contract hotel mattresses. Designed to withstand the test of time and high guest turnover, everyone who spends the night at your accommodation will leave with a smile, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Shop a range of mattress sizes available, including zip and link mattresses that make accommodating parties of all sizes easy.  We also cater to bespoke and custom sizes with no shape or size out of the question. Learn more about custom-sized mattresses today, or shop our wider collection of contract mattresses and take advantage of bulk buy discounts.

The Importance of NBF-Certified Hotel Contract Mattresses

At Trade Beds Direct, our hotel contract mattresses are NBF (National Bed Federation) certified, ensuring they meet rigorous testing and industry standards. Designed with longevity, style, and comfort in mind, our mattresses are crafted using traditional techniques perfected over the years. Eco-friendly practices are integral to our manufacturing process, making our mattresses a sustainable choice for hotels. With the ability to withstand frequent usage, our hotel mattresses promise durability without compromising on luxury. Enhance your guests' experience by choosing mattresses that blend quality with environmental responsibility.

Unmatched Comfort with Quality Pocket Spring Units

Our hotel contract mattresses feature Agro pocket spring units, renowned for their durability and comfort. Pocket springs offer personalised support, motion isolation, and breathability, making them ideal for diverse guest needs. These mattresses help regulate body temperature and disperse moisture quickly, providing a comfortable and hygienic sleep environment. Investing in pocket spring mattresses ensures your guests enjoy a restful sleep, enhancing their overall stay. Trust in the proven longevity and comfort of our pocket spring mattresses to elevate your hotel's reputation for quality.

Premium UK-Sourced Fillings and Hand-Tufted Finishes

The comfort of our hotel contract mattresses is enhanced by UK-sourced fillings, known for their hypoallergenic and breathable properties. These recyclable fillings ensure each mattress delivers consistent quality and comfort, contributing to positive guest reviews. Our hand-tufted mattresses maintain their shape and structure, even under frequent use, adding a touch of luxury and exclusivity to your hotel. Additionally, all our mattresses conform to CRIB 5 fire safety regulations, providing peace of mind and compliance with insurance requirements. Shop our entire range of contract mattresses today and experience the Trade Beds Direct difference with fast, free delivery and exceptional customer service. Take advantage of trade discounts and get expert advice from our dedicated team to find the perfect mattress for your hotel. Shop our entire range of contract mattresses available, with options designed for landlord rental properties and student accommodations also available.

The Significance of UK NBF Factory Hotel Mattresses

Rigorous testing, adherence to industry standards, and eco-friendly practices are all qualities of our NBF (National Bed Federation) certified mattresses. With a need to cope with frequent usage, our beds are designed with longevity, style and comfort in mind using traditional techniques mastered over years of mattress making.

Quality Pocket Spring Unit Interiors

We believe the inclusion of a pocket spring unit is important for comfort and longevity in hotel mattresses. Our contract mattresses use Agro spring units which are extremely durable for guests of all builds and proven in longevity tests. Pocket springs offer personalised support, motion isolation and are breathable. These qualities help regulate body temperature and disburse moisture from the mattress quicker than foam alternatives. A valuable investment for hotels.

UK Sourced Mattress Fillings

The comfort of our mattresses relies heavily on our fillings. Opting for UK-sourced fillings guarantees that everyone of our mattresses is delivered as good as the last. Our fillings are 100% recyclable and feature hypoallergenic and breathable properties leaving you or your guests waking up fresh! (Always a positive for trip advisor reviews) All of our mattresses feature fillings on both sides so your housekeepers are able to turn them to increase their life.

Traditional Hand Tufted Finish

Hand tufted mattresses maintain their shape and overall structure very well, even in a hotel setting. The tufts tightly secure the layers of fillings through the mattress to prevent them shifting or bunching up together. Often associated with luxury and exclusivity, purchasing tufted mattresses for your hotel will create a sense of indulgence and sophistication for your guests.

Certified CRIB 5/ Source 5 Fire Rated mattresses

When purchasing a mattress for a hotel, it is very important that your mattress conforms with BS 7177 regulations. Hotels require mattresses that have passed to a CRIB 5 (Medium Hazard) flammability rating. Insurance companies will not pay out to hotels that have suffered a fire and have not kept up with recommended standards for mattresses so make sure your mattress has the blue tag as shown to the left.

How Many Springs Is Right For Me?

Choosing the right amount of springs is important in getting what you want from your mattress. To make it easy, our range features 3 top quality spring units proven in hotels all across the country. Opting for more springs doesn't always guarantee a better mattress but in our case, the higher spring counts do last longer due to each spring taking less weight and stress.

1000 Pocket Springs -      Medium feel. Balanced support for most guests, not as suitable for guests of a heavier weight.

1500 Pocket Springs -      Medium/Firm feel. Suitable for all guests due to its firmer feel.

2000 Pocket Springs -      Firmer feel. Increase in springs makes a more solid mattress, this spring unit in our Hotel Luxe 2000 Mattress is pure luxury due to the large amount of fillings used.

Direct from the factory
Direct from the factory

With years of experience dealing in the hotel sector. Our account managers are trained to provide a tailored experience from start to finish. With large buying power we are able to provide an unrivalled service with unbeatable prices. Our 1 - 2 week bulk delivery service delivers to you direct from the factory where we can save you up to 40% off of the prices shown online.