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Surprised to learn that there are different mattress uses available? If you’re in the commercial accommodation industry, you will know that there are a multitude of mattresses uses for different industries, Whether you run a luxury hotel or family B&B, or you have a chain of rental properties and student accommodations, you know you need contract mattresses that are fit for purpose and designed to meet the rigorous safety requirements in place. At Trade Beds Direct, we have made finding the right contract mattress for your accommodation easy. Shop by mattress type today to find a contract mattress designed for your requirements. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to shop our full collection of contract mattresses available online now, or shop by size to find an option that fits seamlessly into your living space. We have contract mattresses in stock and ready to ship with fast and free delivery.

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At Trade Beds Direct, we understand that different environments require specific mattress solutions. Our extensive selection is designed to meet a variety of mattress uses, ensuring that every commercial setting can provide a superior sleeping experience. From robust options for high-traffic areas to luxurious mattresses for premium accommodations, we have the right products to suit your needs.

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Our range includes contract mattresses tailored for a multitude of uses. In hotels, our mattresses offer exceptional comfort and durability, ensuring guests enjoy a restful stay. For student accommodations, we provide sturdy, easy-to-maintain options that withstand frequent use. Care homes benefit from our specialised mattresses that combine comfort with essential health and safety features. Each mattress in our collection is crafted to meet specific requirements, whether it's enhanced durability, superior support, or luxurious comfort.

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Ready to find the perfect mattresses for your accommodation needs? Explore our collection and discover how our products can enhance various mattress uses in your commercial property. With all our mattresses held in stock, we offer fast, free delivery to ensure you receive your order promptly. Found in budget to luxury hotels around the UK, our mattresses are made to meet the highest standards of quality and comfort. Take advantage of trade discounts for multiple purchases and get expert advice from our knowledgeable team. Shop with Trade Beds Direct today and elevate the sleeping experience for your guests. Explore our full range of contract mattresses, and complete your order with bed frames also available online now.